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Our mission is to serve as the premier global import company in America, dedicated to forging robust international connections and facilitating seamless trade across borders. We strive to bridge gaps between nations by sourcing and delivering exceptional products from diverse markets, fostering mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers, shippers, and customers worldwide.

We build unrivaled relationships

Through transparency and communication we establish long-lasting partnerships. These partnerships provide growth and opportunity for our suppliers as well as high-quality, cost-effective, and timely deliveries to our consumers.

We have years of expertise

We possess in-depth knowledge of international trade regulations, customs procedures, and documentation requirements. We understand the complexities of the import process and are well-equipped to handle a wide range of products and industries.

We provide highly competitive pricing

Our extensive global network allows us to source from cost-effective regions and streamline the supply-chain process. This allows us to provide competitive pricing to our consumers and in turn steady work for our suppliers.



Manufacturers give Schroeder Global access to a diverse range of high-quality products at competitive prices, enhancing our product offerings and market competitiveness. The manufacturer benefits from increased market reach and sales opportunities facilitated by our distribution network and customer base. Together, both firms can collaborate on product development and customization, enabling them to cater to specific market demands and achieve mutual growth. A strong relationship fosters trust, leading to long-term partnerships, shared knowledge, and improved supply chain efficiency. The joint success of both parties contributes to the economic development and stability of both local and global markets.

We offer:

Market Access and Expansion

Communication and Responsiveness

Long-Term Partnerships

Shipping Agents

Schroeder Global benefits from the shipping agent's expertise in navigating complex international logistics and customs processes, ensuring smooth and efficient transportation of goods. The shipping agent provides access to a vast network of carriers and freight options, enabling us to choose the most cost-effective and reliable shipping solutions. A strong relationship fosters trust and open communication, allowing for proactive problem-solving, real-time tracking, and timely resolution of any shipping issues. Our company's success in delivering goods on time and in good condition enhances our reputation, customer satisfaction, and overall business growth, while the shipping agent benefits from a long-term, reliable partnership.

We offer:

Consistent Shipping Volume

Timely Documentation and Payments

Long-Term Partnerships


Schroeder Global offers access to a wide range of high-quality imported products that may not be readily available locally. We provide reliable sourcing and ensure the authenticity and legitimacy of all imported goods, giving the consumer confidence in their purchases. Competitive pricing allows our consumers to enjoy cost-effective options for premium imported products. We offer excellent customer service, addressing inquiries, handling returns and exchanges, and ensure a positive purchasing experience. A strong relationship fosters trust, loyalty, and repeat business, creating a mutually beneficial partnership that promotes continued growth and satisfaction for both parties.

We offer:

Competitive Pricing

Reliable and Efficient Shipping

Clear Communication and Customer Satisfaction



We analyze the market and arrange product sourcing

By identifying and screening the most suitable suppliers, obtaining samples, negotiating favorable terms, and finalizing contracts.


We organize the shipping and logistics

By coordinating with shipping agents and freight forwarders, managing documentation, customs clearance, insurance, and tracking shipments to ensure timely delivery.


We conduct quality control and inspections

By establishing quality standards and requirements based on industry regulations and customer expectations. Then conducting inspections and tests on the products to ensure they meet the established quality criteria and taking corrective action if any issues are identified


We promptly distribute the product

By conducting inventory management, order fulfillment, packaging, and labeling according to customer requirements. Then focusing on timely and accurate delivery to customers, providing excellent customer service throughout the entire process.


We ensure complete customer satisfaction

By addressing inquiries, managing returns or exchanges, and ensuring customer satisfaction. This allows us to continually evaluate and improve our services, strengthening the relationships of suppliers and customers alike.

Don’t just take our word for it

As a business owner, finding a trustworthy and efficient partner is crucial, and Schroeder Global has proven to be exactly that.

Jeremy Taylor

JT Retail Ltd.

[Schroeder Global] gave easy communication and efficient delivery of the products. We will work with them again.

Yee Fong

Guangzhou Speed Trading Co. Ltd.

Their orders and on-time payment have allowed us to achieve a higher production stability.

Tina Yu

Shenzhen Fuyang Industrial Co. Ltd.


Schroeder Global is a leading international import company dedicated to connecting global markets and delivering high-quality products to customers worldwide. With a strong commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we strive to provide a seamless import experience while fostering long-term partnerships with suppliers, shippers, and customers alike.

As a trusted import partner, we understand the complexities of international logistics and customs procedures. With our streamlined processes, we navigate the intricate import landscape, handling documentation, compliance, and shipping arrangements with utmost efficiency and precision. Our customers can rely on us for timely and secure delivery of their orders, no matter the destination.

When you choose Schroeder Global as your import partner, you gain a trusted ally dedicated to your success. We prioritize your needs, provide exceptional service, and strive to exceed your expectations. Our commitment to excellence, industry expertise, and global network makes us the ideal choice for businesses seeking reliable and efficient import solutions.

Houston based, with global reach.

We're less than 12 miles from the Houston Ship Channel, Hobby International Airport, and two interstate highway connections. Our location allows us to efficiently receive international goods and dispatch them across the United States.

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